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    January 30, 2018

    The plastic layered idea was so novel that I feared it might enjoy one mere season of fame. Nope. It turns out to be a comeback. After Raf Simons introduced these to Calvin Klein 205W39NYC’s FW17 runway show, not only did he bring back more variations for the label’s SS18 collection, but also seemed to have inspired a few: Burberry, for one, caught the wave as they also incorporated their signature checks.

    The design is so aesthetically brilliant that I consider its compromised functionality at this initial trial a minor price to pay. The plastic layer turns out to stick not just to itself, but also to certain surfaces such as the leather seats in my car. The limitation on my free body movements is not unendurable but certainly worth noting. My two cents is, I will stay on the fence for their latest season if the plastic material does not improve.

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