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    Stripes And Modern Day Velvet

    August 8, 2016

    Looking for stylistic drama? Insert asymmetric hemlines. And add velvet for extra oomph.

    The long blouse by the very edgy-chic Third Form goes well with almost all bottoms in solid hues or matching stripes off the top of my head.

    Tuck it all or partially in for a dressier look; or wear it long for the casual-cool vibes.

    These red velvet flared pants prove yet another possibility of unusual textures with the top. Speaking of velvet, the plush fabric has always been a soft spot. Its fascinating associations with Baroque splendor and gilded ornate details remain a reminder that style runs in cycles and that be it positive or not, creatives today can act partial toward distant aesthetic pasts.

    In that sense, Ellery certainly elevated the tradition to its contemporary height. The flared, cropped silhouette in a retro-pink hue is rich yet minimal.

    How do you feel about velvet and asymmetric cuts? Share your thoughts away!

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