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    Shrunken (But Do Not Wash)

    November 7, 2017

    Make no mistake, the skewed seams and the fell-short sleeves on this houndstooth coat, a vivid imitation of a piece of shrunken garment, are some calculated efforts. The coat’s high-class Italian virgin wool fabric is in part the proof.

    Because wear and tear is as much a part of reality – a core value in Vetements’s street sensibility – as functionality. Gvasalia’s anarchic aesthetics is indeed, from an analytical point view, down to earth.

    His precise fine touches in design, construction, and fabrics elevate street-wear pieces to the uniquely high street style. I’m a fan.


    But if you believe – like I did- those are the only differences, you risk ending up in permanent regrets. The other day, I tossed a beloved pair of Balenciaga jeans into the washer without blinking an eye. “Jeans are made for rough wear, let alone those Balenciaga (a.k.a. street-conscious) ones.” Something along the line was what went through my subconscious thinking in retrospect. It was not until the jeans came out severely damaged when my flustered self was prompted to the care label.

    “Do not wash”. It says.

    How did I forget that high street is, before anything, haute? Have your cake and eat it too is mostly laughable. Especially this is fashion.

    It is shrunken but DO NOT wash!

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