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    Disposable High Fashion

    February 6, 2018

    Wearing:  Vetements X Reebok Free Hugs Scarf Sies Marjan Crêpe dress Balenciaga Leather platform ankle boots | Marni patterned mink collared coat (sold out, see similar picks in the product slider)

    We can count on Vetements to learn the latest in society – especially the youthful ones. Given that, I doubt there was a single eyebrow raised at the presentation of this zesty, brilliant emoji scarf.

    Apparently, Denma Gvasalia, the designer behind labels like Vetements (his personal one) and Balenciaga, has made high fashion disposable. And that is what has made the labels.

    Audiobooks have come to my rescue since I got our frenchie, Butter. And as I walked Butter these days, I was listening Creativity Inc. by Edwin Catmull and Amy Wallace. The author mentioned a notable practice favored by one of the core brains at Pixar: in order to identify the right path efficiently, we should explore and fail as fast as we can and then move on.

    What is reflected in this practical method is an invigorating echo to the chaotic but lively nature of many problems we tackle nowadays. The energy, or in my own words a quick but calculated reaction, is crucial ubiquitously. I do not mean passive by reaction; a reaction, or rather an evaluation, is the foundation of any strong initiative. Part of Vetements’ charm and success is its razor sharp reading of its contemporary consumers.

    I started out to not only focus on the scarf but also to touch this beautiful dress Sies Marjan made. The hankerchief hem and sleeves is elevated through an elegant construction and a rich-toned fabric which, alas, remains my only complaint of this dress. The severely wrinkle-prone fabric makes it painstakingly impractical, and leaves an unfortunate impression of juniority about the brand.

    They say, the fashion world likes to see people fail. It is, in my view, sadly true. But sorry not sorry. Because the saying is merely a factual statement of the nature of the luxury goods market: it takes impeccable works to barely stand.

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